The Postal Service agree with The Postal Service

By liz

Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello have struck a deal with the United States Postal Service. Bigwigs at the USPS weren't thrilled when they found out a few months ago that SubPop band, The Postal Service, had stolen their moniker for their band name. It was a little too late to release cease and desist letters as The Postal Service (the band) has been recording record breaking sales and has garnered quite the cult following. When said USPS bigwigs heard The Postal Service background (Ben and Jimmy made the record by sending bits and pieces back and forth through the US Mail system)... they thought they strike a deal with the resourceful duo. SubPop has agreed to let the band's music be featured in commercial spots for the USPS along with ad campaigns and promotions... in exchange for not losing the name.