Progress Report: Doves

By theajaysharma

NAME: Doves
PROGRESS REPORT: Prepping their forth album, Kingdom Of Rust, out April 6.

"We go into the studio and we tend to go in daily until we get somewhere, and that's either a really pleasant experience or a really torturous experience," Doves vocalist and bassist Jimi Goodwin says. And with four years between this record and 2005's Some Cities, you'd hope Doves had more of the former experience. But most of the intervening years were spent on all the stuff outside the band and the studio. "We took time off. [Drummer] Andy [Williams] had a baby in October of last year, so I think we took out six weeks then, and that was the longest hiatus we had for the record," Goodwin says. "When we go in and do stuff, it's roll your sleeves up and tank up your life for a while until its done. But sadly real life has a habit of poking its head in, with and lots of ups and downs." So recording wasn't relaxed, he says, but just broken up by all the other things band members had going on. Continue reading Progress Report: Doves... - Source