RIP Morning Sedition

By shane

It seems like the radio world is abuzz this week with transition. If you live on Planet Earth and have been within earshot of any kind of buzz-worthy talk show, you're probably aware that Friday morning is Howard Stern's last day in terrestrial radio before making the move to Sirius Satellite Radio in the new year. Whoopedy-doo, I say, and apologies go out to our New York City-based Excellentians who get to deal with the parade and craziness tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if you live in MY town, you're probably aware that one of the two Top 40 stations here in the Quad Cities has announced that they're going under within two months. I mention this only because it means that the only surviving Top 40 station will be the one run by my good friend Jeff, and I wanted to publicly congratulate him and tell anyone that if you're traveling from one important place to another important place and happen to find yourself on the Illinois/Iowa border, tune your dial to KBEA 99.7 FM for some horrible music and to hear a buddy of mine. Congrats, man.

However, the REAL news in radio this week is that not only is Friday the final day for Howard Stern, it saddens me to also announce that tomorrow is the final day of Air America's "Morning Sedition" featuring Mark Riley and MARC MARON. As you guys may recall, Marc Maron was one of our favorite underground comics when we asked him to contribute material to our "FLIRT" mp3 compilation which we bore to the world a few Valentine's Days yonder.

Shortly thereafter, Marc was tapped to be the co-host of "Morning Sedition," a fantastic show for those willing to wake up at ungodly hours of the morning to listen. We don't know the exact details of what happened, but Maron has been forced from his co-hosting slot, and the show will relaunch in the new year as simply "The Mark Riley Show." We hear that Maron is not leaving the show of his own will, and that he intends to relocate to the West Coast to hopefully return to the comedy we so love. Tomorrow should be a do-not-miss show.

...If it happens. For those of you lucky enough to catch Thursday's show, you got to hear an Air America corporate bigwig get brutally shredded by the departing Maron, causing them to temporarily yank Marc's microphone, in turn causing Maron to blow a wonderful hissy fit and storm out of the studio. However, Maron turned up on Air America's "Majority Report" tonight and told Sam and Jeanene that he will be there for his final show Friday morning if they'll let him.

I like Air America Radio, or at least the ideals of it. Whatever your political leaning, I honestly don't care. We're a site about music and pop culture, not politics. But common sense dictates that BOTH sides of the political fence SHOULD have a say in today's talk radio market. Unfortunately, that said, Air America seems to be floundering. The first to go was the above-average team of Daily Show exec Lizz Winstead, Rachel Maddow, and Public Enemy frontman Chuck D. Now Maron. Jeanene Garofalo can't be too far behind. And even Al Franken is moving his show to Minneapolis in the new year to attempt a transition into politics and the seat once held by the legendary Paul Wellstone. In other words, Air America is losing their talent and needs SOMETHING to survive. Hint: Jerry Springer ain't it.

Springer took over the slot formerly held by the Winstead/Maddows/Chuck D gig... and while he's a surprisingly strong radio host, he's still Jerry frikkin' Springer. Can anyone take Springer seriously? He could be the most intelligent guy on the planet and I'd still look at him and hear "JERRRR-RY! JERRRR-RY!" He dug his own hole of no respectability, so I feel no remorse in saying that he needs to go.

Maron, meanwhile, has spent years as one of the funniest, quick-witted radio hosts of our day. And whatever the future holds for Marc Maron, I wish him the very best of luck.