Sebadoh - Live

By theajaysharma

SEBADOH's reunion tour is pretty lean, as Lou Barlow put it:

"No record label, no record, no guestlist, no drummer."

Lou and Jay Lowenstein have just completed their US tour with a show at the Los Angeles Troubadour. I'm no Sebadoh historian but I believe this is ther first tour in five years.

They were scheduled to come on right at 10:30 and I tried my best to get there right on time but walked in about ten minutes late. As the bouncer was ripping my ticket, I heard the cheers from inside, Sebadoh just took the stage and I didn't miss anything... perfect. But there were some technical difficulties right off the bat so they didn't get started until closer to 11pm. It's prety funny that they were having technical problems, because the stage was really stripped down. They only had a few guitars, a boom box, and a couple of drum machines.

I didn't recognize the first five or six songs, Lou pointed out that they were from the first album which I don't own. So far the crowd response was pretty medicore which is typical for an "L.A." crowd. Jason's first song was Careful from their album, "Bakesale". The audience exploded in applause when he finished which took him by surprise and prompted him to ask, "Are we even in L.A.?"

They plowed through their set which included a bunch of songs from "Bakesale", a few from "Harmacy" and their final self-titled record, "The Sebadoh" including an slightly extended version of "Flame". When their show was finished they announced that this was the final show and they had a handful of t-shirts that they were selling on the side of the stage. When I say they, I mean it, Lou and Jason were hanging out at the end of the show taking everyone's money. They only had size small when I got up there so I talked to Lou for a bit. He informed me that Folk Implosion is finished (again) and he'll have a solo album out in January.

One more thing, Lou will often ramble between songs and go into details about Sebadoh experiences with Jason. It's kinda like a VH1 Storytellers and I really enjoy it.