Silence Is Easy (but then again so is releasing live material)

By liz

If you're one of those people that Starsailor hasn't bored to tears yet, they're trying even harder this time. Exclusively through their official website you can now download multiple tracks from the band's last world tour (as in the tracks were recorded in either London, Belgium or Germany... wait that sounds more like a European tour). Well ok, I'm painting a rather cynical picture here. All the proceeds of the sale (ha... you thought you were getting something for free didn't you?) will be benefitting The Fairtrade Foundation. Oh wait, did we say all proceeds? We must be mistaken... only "Starsailor's proceeds" go to good will. Shall we assume the rest goes back to the record company? Oh... we'll play nice... have a free wallpaper for your computer.

Yes, I am a little hard on them but after experiencing the "live" thing first hand... I preferred the dancing that happened after the fact. Those boys can cut some rug to The Charlatans... too bad no one was dancing while they were on stage.