Spiritualized - Live

By paul

Philadelphia, PA

Anyone catch Spiritualized in Philly last night? Or at the field day festival for that matter? Last night Spritualized played for about an hour and 15 minutes at the Trocadero with Phaser as the opening act.

Spiritualized were great, as usual, but it was a bit confusing. Why? I think of the entire set I only recognized 5 songs:

  • Come Together
  • Walking With Jesus
  • All Of My Tears
  • Electric Mainline (a *very* mellow and spacey verion)
  • Take Good Care Of It

The rest? From what people have described on the Excellent Mailing List and the NME article, the remaining songs of their set seemed to consist of this new "garage-rock"-y album, "Amazing Grace". You would think that they were actually touring to promote the release of this album considering the amount of songs they played that were probably from that album. Even the t-shirts at the merch table had the words, "Amazing Grace" on them!

All in all it was a great Spiritualized show, although very different from the usual experience seeing them. It was my 5th time seeing them and I guess I was expecting a few more songs that I knew. I was hoping that maybe they would play an even greater selection of older material, considering that they just released, "The Complete Works, Vol. 1" but oh well. "Feels So Sad", "Run", "Sway", "Medication", or "Angel Sigh" would have been nice to hear.

The new stuff sounds really good, though. It sounds pretty much as most people have described. I can't wait to hear the official version!