By theajaysharma

August 28, 2001

The show was sold out and I didn't bother to buy a ticket even though it was on sale for weeks. For a show that was only ten bucks, I was wondering how much the scalpers were going to be asking. I ask a guy standing by the Will Call window if he has an extra ticket, he hands it over and before I can ask how much, he already turned around. I say, "Thanks!" and just like that, I'm in Starsailor's first American show, correction, first headlining American show.

Starsailor's intro music, Elton John's "Tiny Dancer", came on promptly at 9:15pm. They played for about an hour and fifteen with no encore which is totally cool. I like it when the 'band' leaves the lead singer on stage to do some solo stuff, then when they come back on that's considered the encore.

James Walsh was apologizing for his vocals but I thought it still sounded fantastic during 'Alcoholic' and his solo acoustic version of 'Coming Down'. He did admit that he was tired and I imagine so being on this two date US tour. Starsailor will be back in the US around December and their album comes out in January '02.

Since they've only got a few EP's out, I only knew about half the songs, but I wasn't alone considering that it was primarily an 'industry' crowd. You can always tell by the weak appaluse after the first few songs, but that quickly changed once Starsailor warmed up. They closed out the set with a great version of, 'Good Souls', and they need more songs like that. While I did enjoy the show, it was rather slow-paced for the most part.