Supergrass Clearly No Longer Alright

By shane

Wow.  First it took a day or two to get over Ajay giving Little Boots an F in his Coachella pre-review below (*the opinions of site administrators are NOT necessarily the opinions of Excellent Online, Inc. or it's other Little-Boots-loving administrator.  And while we're at it, a C- for Yeasayer? Come ON, man! Hehe!)

But just as THAT shock faded comes news that beloved Britpop stalwarts SUPERGRASS are calling it a day following their current European tour.  Like the swallows to Capistrano, every year brought the expectations of a blindingly good Supergrass record, and their presence on every year's Upcoming Releases list will sorely be missed.

No future plans from any members announced yet, though I'd expect none of them are too eager to cash in a retirement check from the music biz just yet...