Under Morrissey's Influence

By liz

From the label that brings us the now legendary Back To Mine series is coming a new venture called Under The Influence. The first artist to contribute to this new venture is MORRISSEY who will "draw on the inspirations and all time loves of the world's greatest recording artists". According to Moz's sleeve notes, he chose the artists to "conjure an atmosphere and a special standard because they were (or are) true pop artists. The mere sound of their names is as powerful as their work, so that we only need to hear that name in order to glide into a half-dream state".

Morrissey's Track listing:
1. THE SUNDOWN PLAYBOYS - Saturday Nite Special
3. NAT COUTY - Woodpecker Rock
4. DIANA DORS - So Little Time
5. LUDUS - Breaking The Rules
6. CHAR LIE FEATHERS - One Hand Loose
7. T. REX - Great Horse
8. JIMMY RADCLIFF - (There Goes ) The Forgotten Man
9. JAYBEE WASDEN - De Castrow
10. RAMONES - Judy Is A Punk
11. SPARKS - Arts And Crafts S pectacular
12. THE CATS - Swan Lake
13. NICO - All That Is My Own
14. PATTI SMITH - Hey Joe
15. KLAUS NOMI - Death