The unlikely frontman returns

By liz

In one of the most celebrated returns of a modern indierock hero, Johnny Marr is back. His new band The Healers will be releasing their debut album 'Boomslang' on Feb 3, 2002 on iMusic. Produced and written by Johnny in his Manchester studio, we should expect a preview of the new material on January 20 when the first single 'Bangin' On' is to be released in the UK.
"I try to keep myself curious and interesting, otherwise life's wasted and I wouldn' t feel I had anything to say. The way the music comes out is just how I sound these days."

The Healers are Johnny on vox and guitars, Alonza Bevan ex-Kula Shaker on bass, ex-Kula Shaker and Zak Starkey (Ringo's son) banging the drums. A UK tour is being planned for early next year. I'll keep you updated on US release dates and tour news.