Want Noel's Rolls?

By liz

American rock stars aren't the only ones prone to indulgence despite what you may have assumed by P Diddy's new HP iPod encrusted with 120 diamonds. For instance.... back when Oasis was still selling out arenas Alan McGee, former head of Creation Records, presented Noel Gallagher with a 1978 Rolls Royce Shadow 2, in fact this 1978 Rolls Royce. Yes, that is a link to eBay UK where the current owner is auctioning it off. With 8 days left the bidding is only up to £10,000... I'd expect it'll end up a lot higher. Didn't anyone tell Noel it wasn't nice to sell off presents?

In other Noel news (oh yes I'm making a BIG assumption that you actually care), he's supporting fellow Mancunian Ian Brown by showing up in his new video for 'Keep What Ya Got'. Oh the irony...