We Told You So - Koala Discovered by Peel

By shane

It's about damn time.

See, a long, long time ago, we told you guys about a band you needed to check out. A band featuring a couple of Excellent Online list members. A band whose demo tape knocked us on our collective ass. That band was called KOALA. We've been astounded over the past year at the lack of press activity over our favorite glammed-out geniuses from Birmingham. Well, it might be a different story now, as last night, Koala's new promo-only single, "Mna Mna," got some BBC airtime courtesy of none other than JOHN PEEL himself. The playing took the band by such surprise that when a member of their mailing list casually mentioned hearing it, Koala guitarist Martin Cadwaller replied, (and this IS a direct quote,) "Huh? What?"

Hopefully, this is step one in Koala's campaign to conquer the globe, and we'll proudly tell anyone within shouting distance that you heard about 'em here first. Check out Planet Koala for more details, and be sure to check out Koala's blistering cover of the Violent Femmes' "American Music," recorded especially for Excellent Online's "Intertwined" free downloadable CD.